The Lenovo Tab P11 tablet is at a discount, it can replace the iPad

The Lenovo Tab P11 tablet is at a discount, it can replace the iPad

A tablet worthy of the greatest at an unbeatable price? This is what Cdiscount offers you with the Lenovo Tab P11 tablet at 209 euros instead of 259 euros.

The Lenovo P11 tablet is a very functional and versatile tablet. With it, you can choose to work, have fun with games or streaming videos, communicate… With its 11-inch size, it is ergonomic and knows how to be discreet.

It also makes it easy to transport. This in no way affects visibility thanks to its FULL LCD panel. Its 7700 mAh battery gives it great autonomy, thus confirming its nomadic status. It also recharges very quickly and you will be at 100% in less than three hours. It’s compatible with a keyboard or stylus for added versatility. The Lenovo Tab P11 is offered with a 50 euro reduction at Cdiscount. You have the option of paying in 4 instalments and benefiting from free delivery.

Take advantage of the discount on the Lenovo Tab P11 tablet (less than 200€)

The Lenovo Tab P11 tablet has a 13-megapixel rear camera lens and an 8-megapixel front camera lens. Convenient for making video calls or selfies. The tablet also offers a portrait mode and the night mode allows you to take photos even in low light. It can also shoot in Full HD to capture your favorite moments. On the performance side, it has nothing to envy to high-end tablets. Its processor and 6 GB of RAM can run all software and games without worry. It also handles multitasking very well, even with a lot of apps left in the background. In short, she will be able to do everything without complaining.

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