The manga adaptation of Elden Ring in simultrad at Mana Books, September 05, 2022

The action game Elden Ring from FromSoftware has been a huge success since its launch with more than 16.6 million copies sold worldwide. The game continues to attract more and more new players. Also, there is nothing surprising to see it adapted in mangaand to see this manga arrive in France at Mana Books !

Just launched in Japan in Kadokawa’s COMIC Hu magazine, this adaptation is written and drawn by Tobita Nikiichimangaka that we already know in France for the series Monster x Monster (ki-oon) and Shinobi Gataki (Kurokawa).

The story takes place in the world of Elden Ring where fans of the game will be able to find the places, characters and bosses encountered during their adventure.

The first 3 chapters will be free for 6 months. You can discover the first 2 chapters this Monday, in epub at the usual digital retailers or on the publisher’s website.


In the dark and dangerous world of the Underworld, the illustrious Circle of Elden, the vital source of the World Tree, was shattered. After the Night of the Black Knives and the Shattering, the long-lost Grace is heard again. Our story begins with the awakening of a young man with amnesia, dressed in simple underwear. The latter is helped by a mysterious young woman, Melina, who invites him to follow her advice to reach the World Tree and fulfill his destiny. Given the capabilities of this “Sparkless”, the path looks much more complicated than expected…


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