the memorial site of the creator of Apple

The family and friends of Steve Jobs have just opened a site in memory of the founder of Apple. The opportunity to discover the ideas of this visionary pioneer who revolutionized computing and technology.

By a curious coincidence, it is September 7, the day of Apple’s 2022 back-to-school keynotewhich Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs presented Steve Jobs Archive, during the Vox Media Code conference. The family and friends of the founder of Apple have indeed decided to launch a site in memory of the visionary pioneer, founder of Apple but also of Next – we too often forget – which has profoundly marked the history of computing and digital technologies since the end of the 1970s. Particularly sober in its presentation – and that’s good – this memorial only contains very little content at the moment: mainly speeches given at important conferences. But, as its instigators point out, the site will be enriched soon, over the contributions.

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The idea that motivated this project is not to sanctify the life of Steve Jobsby setting up its successes as models, in the manner of success stories, but, more simply and more humanely, to share its ideas and its values. Because beyond the entrepreneur who built the empire Apple – after having been sidelined for several years… – by popularizing many innovations through the Mac, the iPod and the iPhone – among others – it is the visionary character of the man who is celebrated in this “archive” . And if the boss of the firm at the apple was known – and feared – for his demands and his anger, he was driven by a truly progressive and even avant-garde vision which made a deep impression. Much more than the “genius creator” as many describe him, Steve Jobs was first and foremost a catalyst: throughout his career, he was able to detect the most innovative concepts before anyone else in order to turn them into products that met needs – the essence of true marketing. He was perfectly aware of this, as evidenced by this very touching message he sent to himself some time before his death, in which he pays tribute to all the true creators and actors who have enabled him to to exist and move forward, paying them a particularly poignant tribute. To meditate.

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