The memory of Elizabeth II hailed in Africa

Several countries on the continent reacted to the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday. Nigeria, ruled by the British Empire from the mid-19th century until 1960, is one such country.

“I felt so sad when I heard of her passing, but I also celebrate her life as a symbol of leadership, a symbol of peace. I remember her giving us our independence on a golden platter and I ‘m grateful for that.”, explains Paul ApellNigerian Nollywood filmmaker.

Emotion was also present in South Africa. The mayor of Capetown highlighted the relationship that the Queen had with her city. City where Elizabeth II had also blown out her 21 candles.

“Of course we remember that the Queen had a special relationship with Cape Town. It was here in 1947 that she celebrated her 21st birthday and said what is probably remembered as the ‘one of his most famous speeches, if not the most famous. Geordin Hill-Lewis.

In The Gambia, beyond the emotion, we rather remember the actions accomplished by the Queen in favor of humanity. The Gambia had been a member of the Commonwealth from 1965 to 2013, before reapplying for membership in 2017.

“It’s something people shouldn’t be sad about, because she’s spent most of her years doing great things for people. And for me, I think that’s a big win for everything. the world, for all women in particular.”, explains Fatou Camaraentrepreneur and communications consultant.

HAS Freetownin Sierra Leone, the Queen’s visit in 1960 is set in stone here. Its supposed impact taught new generations.

“The Queen set an example for the rest of the world. When she visited Sierra Leone in the 1960s, the day after our independence, I was not born but I was taught in history that her visit marked a turning point in the history of Sierra Leone.” Alfree Barrieresident of Freetown.

On the official level, reactions are raining. The President of Senegal hailed ”the Queen’s exceptional journey”. “A major figure in the political history of the world, of our time,” said Patrice Talon from Benin.

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