The Mercedes A-Class is getting much more expensive

German premium cars are expensive, it is well known. And the news price grid Mercedes A-Class and restyled B-Class demonstrate this once again. The compact family of the brand with the star is now trading from €37,949 in its 180 version in Progressive Line finish. This is a significant increase compared to the old version (€32,100 in the 160 Style Line version a few days ago) and for good reason, it ignores the Style Line level and the 109 horsepower engine of the 160 version, now starting with a 136 horsepower micro-hybrid gasoline unit.

Beyond the abandonment of the most basic version, this restyled Mercedes A-Class also costs a little more for the same finish and engine compared to the old version. Count €39,249 for the entry-level diesel, the 180d Progressive Line. The bill goes up to €43,399 for a 163 horsepower A200 in the AMG Line finish, or €62,349 for the 306 horsepower 35 AMG version. As for the top of the range ultra-sporty 45 S AMG, it is now displayed at €77,899. For comparison, the Audi A3 currently starts at €29,370 in the 110 horsepower petrol version and the BMW 1 Series at €30,650 in the 109 horsepower 116i version. Obviously, the price differences narrow when comparing the versions of these competitors with similar endowments.

The Class B minivan now starts at €49,449 with a 218 horsepower plug-in hybrid engine

Class B from €49,449

You dream of the minivan Mercedes B-Class in its restyled version? Please note that it now starts at €49,449 instead of €34,550. Here too, the 109 horsepower engine and the basic Style Line finish disappear, with for the moment only the 250 e 218 horsepower plug-in hybrid version offered in the catalog. Its only direct rival, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, starts at €35,750 with the 136 horsepower engine of the 218i version.

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