the microphone giant launches into gaming with two models and software

the microphone giant launches into gaming with two models and software

To complete the gaming and streaming experience, Rode is also launching new software called “Unify”. Very similar to other solutions like GoXLR or Elgato Wave Link, this formula offers a tool to integrate and manage different sounds and effects quite easily.

For this purpose, Unify offers to create various virtual audio interfaces to control which application uses a given interface and what sound it will broadcast. It is thus possible to create, for example, a track dedicated solely to the spectators, and another for the streamer, and to mix everything for optimal distribution.

Like other similar software, Unify also allows you to record all sounds directly within it. In addition to use for streaming, it can also be used on video conferencing software.

This new software is also accessible to everyone without having to specifically acquire a Rode product, unlike the Wave Link which necessarily requires an Elgato microphone. But to take advantage of it will require the subscription to a subscription of 5 euros per month, or 45 euros per year.

The software is offered free with the purchase of one of the two new Rode X microphones, but unfortunately the offer does not extend to those who already have an original Rode product. It is still necessary that all this new gaming paraphernalia reach us, at an undetermined date.