The Minister of River Economy and Inland Waterways encourages the Bollore Group to invest in the Port of Brazzaville

On November 25, 2022, the Minister of River Economy and Inland Waterways visited the Autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire and the facilities of Congo Terminal, a subsidiary of Bolloré Ports. During this visit, he exchanged with Seraphin BHALAT, General Manager of the port and Anthony SAMZUN, General Manager of Congo Terminal.

The exchanges made it possible to establish progress in the construction of infrastructures, the collection of duties and taxes and the improvement of the quality of service delivered to customers.

Guy Georges Mbaka encouraged the Bolloré group which operates at the river port of Brazzaville via its subsidiary Terminals du Bassin du Congo TBC “ to invest more in the port of Brazzaville to transform this port and develop its profitability, like the container terminal in Pointe-Noire, which is experiencing significant progress »

Concession under public-private partnership, taken over by the Bolloré Group in 2017, Terminals du Bassin du Congo BC provides handling and stevedoring operations at the river port of Brazzaville. They develop the offer on the strategic corridors Pointe-Noire/Brazzaville, Pointe Noire/Brazzaville/Kinshasa, Brazzaville/Bangui and thus open up neighboring countries while streamlining river traffic.