the new interface will replace the Big Picture mode on PC

After years of incremental updates, Steam’s Big Picture mode is finally getting a long-awaited overhaul. Unsurprisingly, it inherits many similarities with Steam Deck UI, the portable console interface.

Valve is officially letting users try out a new version of Steam’s Big Picture mode, which makes the game client look like its popular handheld console. Steam Deck. For those unfamiliar with Big Picture, this isa full-screen interface mode that appeared in 2012 in Steam that featured all games and was meant to be used with a controller.

Small, barely noticeable updates have since rolled out, but the interface designed for TVs and controllers finally gets a major update. As promised last July, Valve has now replaced the old Big Picture mode with the much more modern user interface created for its Steam Deck handheld game console.

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Steam Deck UI replaces Steam’s Big Picture Mode

This controller-first interface was designed for Steam Deck in handheld and docked mode “says Valve, “ and is perfect for all the scenarios Big Picture Mode currently handles “. This redesign comes shortly after Valve opened reservationless Steam Deck orders, but more importantly just after the Steam Deck went on sale. new dock at 99 € which allows to connect the console to a television.

The updated version of Big Picture comes with a lot of new features, including a new home screen that allows you to continue playing recent games. You can also check for updates for all games in your library with a new universal search that gets results from your library, friends list, and store. It also brings updates to quick access, controller configuration, and system menus.

For the moment, the new Steam Deck UI is only available in beta. As exciting as this update is, Valve would like to point out that this is a test version of the Big Picture update that is still raw around the edges. It’s mature enough to collect community feedback on the product, but it’s not ready for full release.

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