The new Laker taken under his wing by LeBron James!

LeBron James is back in Los Angeles, and he decided not to waste time, since he is already gathering his teammates, even before the opening of the training camp. Moreover, he was caught doing specific exercises with his new protege.

The beginning of September does not just mark the start of the school year for schoolchildren and students, NBA players must also find their way to the training room, since the training camps should start soon. After a huge world tour during the off-season, LeBron James is, for example, back in Los Angeles, where he will quickly gain momentum.

And unlike the summer, where he spent time training with his sons Bronny and Bryce, which also gave viral and touching sequences, the King began to gather his teammates to develop group cohesion. This weekend he was notably with his partner Anthony Davis in the Lakers room, and the two appeared in already exceptional physical shape for a return, enough to give hope to the fans.

LeBron James takes Troy Brown Jr. under his wing!

And after the reunion sessions with AD, the No. 6 decided to take under his wing a new Lakers recruit: Troy Brown Jr.. The young 23-year-old winger was treated to specific exercises that allow him to develop the qualities necessary to shine in this position in the NBA of 2022, and what better teachers to accompany him than LeBron James and Phil Handy?

Taking support, moving with and without the ball, LeBron James tried to share his great knowledge with Troy Brown Jr., who listened to the King as a student listens to a teacher in class. If he manages to implement his captain’s instructions, the winger could quickly progress and find his role in Darvin Ham’s rotation. If LeBron sees anything in him, he must have real qualities.

LeBron James rarely gets it wrong when he takes a player under his wing, so Lakers fans can expect to see some great things from Troy Brown Jr. when he’s on the pitch. parkt. It is difficult to find a better teacher in the NBA, he will progress for sure.

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