The New Season Of Overwatch 2 Has Arrived And Blizzard Is Already Justifying It

As expected, the new season of Overwatch 2 arrived this week with a new hero and an new card. What ? Do you want more ? But you don’t read our articles or what? Well, well, Ramattra, in addition to debuting in this season, is the first hero who can change form and ability during the game. Fantastic. The new map escort, also allows you to visit the monastery of Shambali, where Ramattra and Zenyatta have taken up residence. Wonderful.

This new season obviously comes with its share of changes of all kinds, so dear to Blizzard: adjustment of the damage of Sojourn’s Rail Gun, changes will help Doomfist to “better support the front line of the team”, etc. It’s such a mess between the game’s meta, the rank of the players and their level that Blizzard split a tweet to reassure everyone:

A new temporary game mode will also soon appear from January 5 to 19, 2023: Battle for Olympus. Here, all the characters will be equipped with superpowers inspired by Greek mythology. Two other more anecdotal modes will return to allow prepubescent fans of the game to get a whole bunch of really ugly cosmetics. Great !

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