The online branding startup that is revolutionizing the world of signage

Developing the notoriety of a company goes through the signs and therefore requires having an exact vision of the market. More and more individuals and companies are buying online, whether for furniture, office supplies, computer items, etc. Online sales in general are meeting with real enthusiasm. In the long term, the purchase of signs in stores, just like that of other products, should be less and less popular with customers because time has become precious. Focus on Enseigneplus, the leading start-up in France and Spain for online sign sales.

Cost reduction up to 40%

According to Julie Laurent Sa CEO, in this sector, the costs of acquiring the product and briefing the customer can reach, in many cases, up to 40% of the manufacturing cost. Exploring and configuring dozens of materials and shapes without leaving your desk saves time and money. This work is far from being useless since it makes it possible to acquire advertising signs customized in record time. It is clear that online sales avoid travel which, in the current context, allows real energy savings to be made. This is why Enseigneplus decided to position itself in online sales, in a disruptive way compared to what was done in the sector.

Online sales: a constant increase

In the first quarter of 2022, internet sales and services in France increased by 43%, according to a survey published by Fevad, which highlights that the total number of online transactions over the same period amounts to 527 million.

If a few years ago people were hesitant to take the plunge into online shopping, this practice has now become widely democratized, in particular due to the global Covid-19 pandemic which has forced the French to buy online if they wanted to continue working and living normally. Buying on the internet nowadays conveys an image of comfort or even security, particularly in relation to the fact that the pandemic can break out again and that it will be essential to avoid any contact with third parties as much as possible.

Instant price calculation technology

The company has a price calculator for 3D lettering based on vector coordinates that instantly returns a price. Just download the file, to choose the material and the size, to have an estimate.

This calculator allows a 3D visualization that will allow the immersion of the online store in the metaverse in the future. This bet allows the company to exploit the advantages of the 3D representation of letters and logos on different materials. Teachplus has a sales forecast of 5 million by 2022 and 10 million by 2023 because it has become the reference in this sector.

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