The organic flower tries to find a place in the sun

Squatting in the middle of the fields, Alice Bodet, organic market gardener, meticulously inspects her flower production. “It’s almost the end of the season. We always end with the chrysanthemums. »

At All Saints, it’s the shot for the company AJC Organic, founded by Alice and Sébastien Bodet, and based in Plessé, in Loire-Atlantique. In a few days, the chrysanthemums grown by the couple will come to flower the graves of the deceased.

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“We produce cut flowers, herbs and vegetables. All organic. Regarding flowers, for the moment, the sector does not exist. It’s almost impossible to find organic bouquets at the florist’s,” explain the market gardeners.

“It’s already complicated to have French flowers. So organic… I don’t even have an idea of ​​a possible supplier”, confirms Amandine Tarin, artisan florist in Fursac, in Creuse. “We work as soon as possible with French and even local producers. But organically, no. I didn’t even know that…

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