the photo of a hull reveals an unexpected new element

The Apple Watch Series 8 Pro could have a second button on the left side of the device, as seen in photos of a case.

Plus one leak occurs close to the release date of a product, the more reliable it becomes. Indeed, a few days before the announcement of theApple Watch Series 8 and 8 Pro, the visuals made by Apple to promote its new connected watch are certainly already all ready. The same goes for shells designed by third parties, which are often good clues.

the leaker Sonny Dickson, not very active lately, but having been reliable on Apple in the past, published two photos showing a hull of the future watch.

Apple Watch Series 8 Pro Dickson (2)

A new button is approaching

More specifically, the leaker specifies that it would be the Pro model. And surprise, the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro would include an additional button located on the left of the device.

As a reminder, the Pro version of the Apple Watch would target experienced athletes and other lovers of hiking, trekking and marathons. The integration of an additional button should therefore be closely or remotely linked to sporting activity. We can also think of a configurable shortcut button to launch an application, but this does not necessarily resemble Cupertino’s philosophy.

As a reminder, the Apple Watch Pro should also incorporate materials deemed more noble, but also more solid. A temperature measurement is also mentioned as well as greater autonomy.

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