The principle of coworking

Coworking has established itself in a few years to become the new way of setting up offices and working. However, coworking continues to evolve to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and their employees. If it was basically a simple rental of offices for a fixed term in premises belonging to another company, the offer has been greatly increased. Needless to say, with the proliferation of business creations, it has the wind in its sails because it is perfectly suited to their innovative side and their need for flexibility.

Many existing formulas

There are now many formulas that are suitable for all types of business. Already concerning the duration of the use of the premises. It can be an annual rental (or more), monthly, weekly or even daily. Its access can be limited in terms of hours or H24, depending on the cowoking.

These are not the only differentiation criteria that you can take into account before choosing your coworking space because, even if you find all the formulas in terms of price, it is the services that are included that can make the difference. Most of the spaces thus offer the possibility of access to modular meeting rooms, to benefit from coffee machines or a restaurant/cafeteria, to access printers/scanners, to have an internet connection or even meeting rooms. sport/pause/relaxation or to have access to a rooftop.

The overall offer on French territory has also evolved significantly and with remote working, it has proven to be a promising element for entrepreneurs and employees who wish to live in an environment more suited to their lives and close to their home. You can choose a coworking space in Paris but also in all the main cities of France.

The reasons for coworking

Above all, coworking allows you to have a workplace, to avoid being isolated at home all the time, to separate professional life from personal life and to enjoy a friendly working atmosphere. This is particularly sought after by freelancers/independents/entrepreneurs who can quickly lose motivation by dint of working from home or be solicited by the many distractions at their fingertips. Some places organize events so that entrepreneurs can meet partners/customers or simply maintain your network thanks to other companies that are installed in the coworking. The synergy that is at the heart of coworking is a real boon for those who work there.

It has the advantage of often having a flexible duration. It is clear that 3-6-9 leases remain very restrictive whether it is because your company can grow very quickly and the premises quickly find themselves too small or, conversely, because your company is experiencing cash flow difficulties and you had to either downsize your team or cut costs.

Since the services and their maintenance often do not have to be managed (nor paid for) by the manager and therefore included in the price, this is also a strong argument for joining a coworking space. Some places offer access to several networks (which saves you from managing breakdowns for example) or as we have said a whole range of rooms / equipment.

It also turns out to be less expensive than another solution, in particular because some people want to promote teleworking or other reasons related to your business that mean that your team present in your premises can be of variable geometry. Coworking thus often offers to have, for certain positions, daily packages and this is a significant asset for the budget.

Access to several coworking places, located throughout France, is sometimes possible, which is very practical when your teams are scattered throughout France or are often on the move. They can thus have a place near their home or near a place where they have to make appointments.

What are the objections?

Coworking remains generally more expensive than having premises since it does not commit you to time. However, it is necessary to take into account all the parameters and in particular the services before making your decision on this criterion because the solution can sometimes prove to be more profitable, especially when you think in terms of consumables. Coworking benefits, in fact, from the grouping of orders, which is not generally the case for an isolated company.

The difficulty in personalizing the space can also make people reluctant to use coworking. You may not be able to touch the decoration, for example, or even be prohibited from personalizing your space. Some aficionados of the personalization of premises will therefore not find it.

Mixing with other teams may also displease you. Some leaders prefer that the corporate culture be constantly instilled and that their employees remain among themselves rather than mixing with other teams.

The advantages of coworking make it a very popular solution today but strongly depend on your management style and sometimes on your desire to see your employees on your premises every day.

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