The Prixtel Oxygen package, a breath of fresh air in your mobile phone budget

The Prixtel Oxygen package, a breath of fresh air in your mobile phone budget

On the occasion of the end of year celebrations, the operator Prixtel is highlighting one of these promotional packages: the limited series Oxygen. Intended, as its name suggests, to offer its users even more respite, this offer gives access to a flexible, inexpensive mobile plan, without CO2, without commitment and at a fixed price. We’ll tell you about it in more detail.

Prixtel: the operator resolutely against CO2

If it became known on the market above all for its flexible plans, today it is also for its ecological commitment that Prixtel is known. The name of this special series bears witness to this quite well. Far from being trivial, it translates, once again, the ambition of this MVNO to offer only 100% C02 neutral packages.

You should know that by subscribing to any Prixtel package, we are contributing to the financing of various high-impact eco-friendly initiatives carried out regularly by the company on French territory: reforestation of natural sites, depollution of the seas and others. In the end, the carbon footprint of your Prixtel mobile plan is completely neutral.

This is the case for the aptly named Oxygen limited series which, in addition to being good for the planet, is also good for your finances. Indeed, the mobile phone plan to which it entitles you will allow you to make big savings on your mobile phone budgete.

First of all, like the other Prixtel plans, it is a flexible mobile plan whose billing is carried out according to three different levels depending on your data consumption for the month. You are therefore sure to pay the fairest price according to your uses.

Better still, while the operator’s other mobile plans are offered with prices that generally change after 6 months, those of the Oxygen Special Series are fixed, even after 1 year. This allows for lasting savings.

What is the content of the Prixtel Oxygen package?

With this mobile plan, you can cover all your mobile telephony needs thanks to a web envelope of up to 130 GB of data in 4G/4G+, with the following three billing levels

  • Up to 5GB: €9.99/month
  • From 50GB to 90GB: €12.99/month
  • From 90GB to 13GB: €15.99/month

The web volumes mentioned can be used throughout mainland France via the SFR network. They also include, whatever the level, a 20 GB web envelope that can be used for short stays in the EU and the overseas departments.
Of course, thanks to this plan, you can also call and send unlimited messages to your loved ones, on their fixed and mobile numbers in mainland France. In addition, when traveling in the EU and the overseas departments, you benefit from unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to these areas, as well as to mainland France. Finally, remember that the Prixtel Oxygen package is non-binding. In other words, you are free to cancel whenever you want and there are no cancellation fees.