The PS5 Pro would arrive in April 2023 with liquid cooling [Exclusif]

The PS5 Pro would arrive in April 2023 with liquid cooling [Exclusif]

While the PS5 has been out for just over 2 years now, Sony is now gearing up to launch a brand new model. This would arrive in just a few weeks, according to a source familiar with the matter.

An anonymous source has just revealed to us in exclusivity interesting information concerning the next home console from Sony. According to her, the Japanese giant should market a brand new model of PS5 from April 2023which is about two and a half years after the original version was released in late 2020.

Our informant, who is close to the case, announces that it is a Pro model, and not a “slim” version that we’ve been hearing about for several months now. If it is indeed a Pro model, it probably means that we can expect a performance boost from the console, and therefore to a new chip signed AMD. However, it is still too early to know what to expect in terms of power.

The PS5 Pro arrives with an all-new cooling system

In addition to increased performance, the source reveals that the main novelty of the Pro version is in terms of cooling. The PS5 is currently cooled using a liquid metallic compound, which has recently been the subject of controversyas well as a fan.

However, Sony should replace this system on the new generation by liquid cooling, or “watercooling”, which is usually found in some gaming PCs. We can therefore expect better heat management, which will not be a refusal to cool the console if the chip is more powerful. A cooling change could also mean a design change, but again, we’ll have to wait for more on that.

While waiting for the arrival of the new model, Sony would plan to sell off its PS5 stocks. As a reminder, Sony had recently claimed that the shortage was over, and it should now be easier for you to pick up a copy. As with every new generation, it is expected that Microsoft responds quickly with its own Xbox Series “Pro” console.