The Settlers: New Allies should be announced on Xbox! | Xbox One

Ubisoft announced that information about a new game The Settlers is expected today. But the Microsoft Store didn’t wait to list The Settlers: New Allies on Xbox.

A new strategy game on Xbox

The Microsoft Store regularly finds new games before they are officially announced, and this seems to be the case with The Settlers: New Allies, if the account is to be believed. Alumia Italia who found the game in the internal data, as well as three first images.

Ubisoft announced the return of the license last January and the name of The Settlers: New Allies was formalized recently. The game is currently only announced on PC, but its announcement on Xbox consoles therefore seems imminent.

Without a release date for the moment, The Settlers: New Allies is seen as a reboot of the franchise born more than 30 years ago. Ubisoft says to take up the game mechanics inseparable from the saga, with successful economic gameplay which will be used to raise and deploy armies to overcome your opponents.

A scripted campaign is on the program alongside multiplayer game modes with up to 8 players, including the possibility of playing against an AI.