The Sonos Sub Mini is, well, a smaller subwoofer

Designed for small spaces and for pairing with low-end Sonos equipment.

Sonos has unveiled a smaller version of its Sub, called the Sub Mini. Again, it’s wireless and weighs less than half the weight of the original Sub and costs €499. For pre-order, it will be available on October 6. As you can see, it’s available in white and matte black, like other Sonos gear.

This new cylindrical Sub Mini is designed for small to medium sized spaces and to work with less expensive Sonos gear, especially the Sonos Ray and Beam on the soundbar side, but also the One series and Ikea Symfonosk gear.

If you connect it to one of these models, it will mostly handle the low frequencies, leaving the other Sonos gear to focus on the mid and high frequencies. The Sub Mini uses a robust 5 GHz wireless connection, so you shouldn’t experience any interference. The Sub Mini weighs 6.35 kg compared to the 16 kg Sub and measures 23 x 31 x 23 cm compared to the 39 x 40 x 16 cm size of the Sub. The Sub Mini features two 6-inch force-cancelling woofers and two Class-D amplifiers. If you’re using it with the iOS app, you’ll be able to adapt it to the room with Trueplay. As you’d expect, the volume stays in sync with your paired soundbar or speaker. You can also adjust the equalizer in the Sonos app.
The Sub Mini’s design is different from the Sub because it’s a cylinder rather than a square, but Sonos says the center bass tunnel is designed to look like the Sub.

Sub Mini will still pair with a Sonos Arc if you have one, but it will only work well if the room fits into the smaller category. Sonos says large rooms need the Arc/Sub combination to work well.

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