The Sony DualSense Edge gamepad test has joined our comparison

The rating speaks for itself; the DualSense Edge is an excellent controller, necessarily better than the classic DualSense. Even if the new features (customization, palettes, modifiable trigger stroke length, etc.) are not new, Sony has been able to exploit them in the best possible way and make everything simple enough so that the user is not lost. when setting up a profile, an operation which can however turn out to be very complex. Admittedly, there are still some pitfalls like the impossibility of associating a key combination with a single button and that pesky cache that is not up to par with the rest of the pad. But more than the intrinsic quality of the controller, it is above all the needs of the user that will decide whether or not to buy it. Let’s say it bluntly, for the average gamer, and even for the confirmed gamer like your favorite editor, the DualSense Edge has little interest except for its statutory and exclusive side; “môôôôâ, I play with a Dualsense Edge”. On the other hand, for those who play online regularly and – really – competitively, even for the pro gamer who seeks to reduce reaction times by making the most of all the resources at his disposal to nibble on some FPS and emerge victorious from the arena, this DualSense Edge can prove to be a formidable weapon thanks to the change of profile on the fly… From there to invest 240 €, everyone will make up their own mind…

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