The studio announces the end of development and is working on a new project

Splitgate, this famous hybrid competitive FPS between Halo and Portal released in early access in 2019, will undergo one final update before the development team moves on. Indeed, in an official press release from 1047 Games, the developers specify that this will be the last update of the game, while discussing the future of the studio.

Many thanks and a new project

As it happens, this update will be a Battle Pass which will be available from September 15, and it will even be free. A gesture to thank the fans and players of the game for their loyalty. A heartfelt statement from 1047 Games, full of thanks for the support the studio has received. With more than 18 million players at the launch of the game, this may have allowed him to glimpse new, more ambitious horizons?

Indeed, the studio team admits to having had a long reflection concerning Splitgate. Should we continue the updates or switch to a new shooter? And this is the last option that 1047 Games has chosen, preferring to evolve by focusing on new objectives, rather than continuing to continuously bring an already existing game to life. However, Splitgate will remain online after September 15, but will no longer have new content.

We do not know more about this famous project, except thatit will run on Unreal Engine 5, that it will be free, and that it will also include portals. A decision that will certainly be debated, and that the studio will have to learn to manage in order to hope to achieve similar success at the launch of the new project.

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