the suspect, a “depressive” who feeds a “pathological hatred” of foreigners

the suspect, a “depressive” who feeds a “pathological hatred” of foreigners

The suspect in the shooting, which claimed three victims among the Kurdish community, claims to have “always wanted to assassinate migrants, foreigners”. The Pnat should not take up the file.

William M., 69, has always told himself that if he ever committed suicide, hewould take enemies to the grave“. The enemies areall non-European foreigners“, he maintained in front of the investigators of the criminal brigade of the judicial police of Paris. The only suspect in the shooting that claimed the lives of three people from the Kurdish community on Friday in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, explained his motivations while in police custody, before it is lifted Saturday evening for health reasons. The man was then taken to the psychiatric infirmary of the police headquarters, where he was still hospitalized on Sunday.

“Depressive” and “suicidal”

On Friday, the man popped up in front the Parisian Kurdish cultural center to open fire on a woman and two men, then proceeded to a barbershop where he injured three victims, before being overpowered by one of the customers. From his arrest, the person concerned made no mystery of the motivations “racistsof his passage to the act. The man, already known to the authorities for having injured two people by slashing migrant tents with a saber in 2021 in Paris, said he had a click following the burglary of his home in 2016. This event made him led to nurture a genuinehatred of foreigners has become completely pathological“, He qualifies himself, according to a press release from the Paris prosecutor, Laure Beccuau. The man describes himself as “depressive” and “suicidal“, then continues:”but before committing suicide, I always wanted to murder migrants, foreigners, since this burglary“.

On the morning of his murderous journey, he left his parents’ home where he had been staying for some time without saying a word. “He didn’t say anything as he left. He’s crazy. He is crazy“, dropped his 90-year-old father to AFP. At first, he went to Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), but gave up taking action for lack of sufficient targets, as well as because of his outfit which prevented him from easily reloading his COLT 45 automatic pistol. William M. therefore went back to his parents’ house in the 10th arrondissement, then went on foot to the location of his new target. He blames the Kurds for havingmade prisoners during their fight against Daesh instead of killing them“. The defendant did not anticipate the number of victims but he hoped to be able to empty his four magazines and a box of 25 additional ammunition, before turning the weapon against him. His arrest prevented him from achieving the final act of his deadly project.

No connection with an extremist organization

His entourage confirms the self-portrait drawn up during his audition, describing him as “depressed, silent, and lonely“. Regarding the firearm, William M. explains that he acquired it four years ago from a member of the shooting club to which he belonged, who has since died. William M. then carefully kept it at his parents’ home, out of sight. The search of the residence, as well as the exploitation of his computer and his telephone did not bring to light any possible accomplices, nor allegiance to any organization or extremist ideology. Everything suggests that he acted alone. The investigation opened for assassinations, attempted assassinations, violence with a weapon and violations of the legislation on weapons, all of a racist nature, will continue in order to better understand the motivations, the past and the entourage of the person concerned. , mentally unstable. In the current state of the investigations, the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office indicates to the Figaro Sunday that he should not take up the case.