the unsuspected benefits it provides

For many, the credit card are primarily used to pay or draw cash. In fact, these small objects can provide particularly interesting advantages. Standard cards are the most common because they are more affordable. However, these offer certain benefits overlooked by many customers.

First of all, it is good to know that Visa and MasterCard globally offer the same services and are geographically equally present in the world.

Thereby, that you have bothcontracts often offer travel insurance serviceswhich may however vary depending on the bank.

Likewise, insurance against loss and theft or cancellation of fraudulent transactions online are, most of the time, guaranteed by credit card.

However, there is other types of cards which allow for much wider benefits.

Top-of-the-range bank card: advantageous travel insurance

The map Visa Premier as well as the Gold Mastercard generally offer the same advantages as each other. Thus, it is possible to benefit from more extensive travel insurance than with a classic card.

For example, these cards offer a trip modification or cancellation insurance which makes it possible to obtain a refund if a trip is canceled, even at the last minute, in compliance witha pre-set ceiling. Likewise the public liability or damage to a rental car can also be covered by this insurance.

But in addition to insurance, high end cards can also make it possible to obtain reductions with partner companies.

High-end bank card: advantages for many merchants

In addition to insurance included in the contracts of the high end cardsthe Visa Premier as well as the Gold Mastercard make it possible to obtain particularly interesting offers with partner companies.

These reductions can thus be valid in various fields. For example, Visa offers discounts on travel reservations with partners or cheaper cinema ticketsreductions on clothing or even on sports halls.

Very high-end cards also exist and can thus make it possible to obtain even greater advantages.

Very high-end card: what advantages does it offer?

The Mastercard World Elite or Visa Ultim cards are intended for a very elitist target. Thus, it is generally necessary to justify an amount of at least 4000 euros to be eligible. If very few people can afford it, they provide many benefits.

In addition to insurancepeople who havesuch a bank card benefit from a concierge service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can contact him whatever their need, be it Reserve a plane ticket or even a restaurantthe concierge will take care of researching, negotiating prices and booking for the customer.

Additionally, owners of a Visa Ultim card are automatically part of the VSInfinite lub which allows them to be invited to exclusive events but also to benefit from preferential rates and Private sales at major brands.

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