The Verisure alarm system for your home is 600 euros cheaper right now

The Verisure alarm system for your home is 600 euros cheaper right now

Until November 13, Verisure offers a big reduction of 600 euros on its security equipment. A welcome offer as the peaks in burglary generally take place in December.

Did you know that the peaks in burglaries occur more frequently in December. To help protect your home as well as possible, Verisure currently offers a complete security solution, which adapts to new burglary practices.

To bring even more peace of mind, the remote surveillance company develops its offer and improves :

  • the responsiveness of its devices, now 4G compatible, but also of its emergency interventions with the arrival of new SOS buttons;
  • the ease of use of its equipment with a more ergonomic dedicated application;
  • more complete protection, inside and out, with intercoms at the entrances, burglary and presence detectors equipped with cameras, as well as smoke detectors.

And until November 13, Verisure is offering a 600 euro discount on its alarm equipment. The price of the equipment in question goes from 949 euros to 349 euros. Installation, commissioning and associated monthly subscription costs are to be expected, depending on the offer determined during the personalized quote.

An increase in burglaries in 2022

The Ministry of the Interior counted 190,300 burglaries in France in 2021a figure very close to that of 2020. While successive confinements and teleworking have largely contributed to their stability, 2022 marks a strong comeback of these infractions.

A study conducted by the Home Safety Observatory (founded by the mutual insurance group Covéa, the claims appraisal firm Saretec and the remote surveillance company Verisure) reveals an upsurge in burglaries in the first quarter of 2022: + 23% compared to the first quarter of 2021.

Burglaries occur mainly in December and during the week // Source: OSF

Beyond their increase, the most worrying concerns the evolution of the modus operandi of burglars. Mainly looking for gold jewelery or tech products (with a clear preference for the Apple and Samsung brands), they now resort to increasingly discreet methods.

Acid break-ins are one of them and have multiplied in Île-de-France in 2022. Silent, this practice attacks all types of infrastructure, including armored doors. The kidnappers place a few drops of acid in the keyhole. Eaten away from the inside, it then becomes sensitive to the slightest shock.

Verisure’s surveillance camera detects intruders day and night // Source: Verisure

Verisure was one of the first companies to adapt to these new processes. The security company integrates new technologies into its offerings, both for detecting offenses and deterring kidnappers.

If you are tempted to install a security solution at home, until November 13, Verisure offers a big discount of 600 euros on their new surveillance equipment packs. These packs differ depending on the size and layout of your accommodation.

Remote monitoring to anticipate and deter

Contrary to what their name suggests, remote monitoring devices are primarily intended to limit the risk of burglary by preventing break-ins and deterring thieves. To do this, Verisure prioritizes installing smart cameras in key points of your apartment or house.

Equipped with infrared motion sensors, they automatically switch on if someone enters your home and takes a picture of them. Images can be captured day or night thanks to the integrated projector and benefit from 1080p definition, as well as a wide field of vision of 130°.

These cameras connect directly to Verisure’s remote monitoring service, as well as the Arlo mobile app, so you can monitor your home remotely at any time.

To go further and secure your entrances (doors and windows), shock and opening detectors are also offered by Verisure. Based on technology analyzing vibrations, these tools are responsible for warning you of the slightest attempt to break into a window or door, and above all to trigger the alarm to scare off intruders.

Other additional devices can also be installed by the remote monitoring company, such as a badge reader. The latter records the entries and exits of the accommodation, allows you to deactivate the alarm in one click or even send an SOS to Verisure security personnel.

Those who want to further strengthen the surveillance of their entrance can also opt for a smart doorbell, equipped with a motion detector, an HD camera, a microphone, as well as a loudspeaker to interact with anyone who comes to the door. This system is also linked to the Arlo application to be able to control everything from your smartphone.

Remote monitoring to react in the event of an infringement

Remote monitoring is not only a matter of prevention. Verisure’s system can react at a first level in the event of a home invasion, before the intervention of security personnel or even law enforcement.

Several tools have been designed for this purpose:

  • an alarm to quickly scare away the intruder;
  • a panic button installed within the home to send an SOS to Verisure security personnel in the event of an emergency and an intrusion. Connected to the cameras in place, it automatically activates the taking of photos in order to send a complete inventory to the security agents. The remote monitoring company promises to process these SOS in less than 30 seconds;
  • anti-burglary fog to deter kidnappers when the house is empty. In case of intrusion, it generates smoke and makes the room opaque in 60 seconds. Burglars are then encouraged to leave the premises.
Source: Verisure

To adapt to the needs of each habitat, Verisure has provided several packs, comprising 2, 3 or 4 devices in addition to the intervention service. Security guards are available 24/7 and can call in law enforcement if needed.

On the occasion of the launch of its new security tools, Verisure offers a reduction of up to 600 euros on the equipment of its alarm system. Depending on the layout of your accommodation, these packs may include:

  • an alarm center;
  • a multifunction badge reader;
  • a shock and opening detector;
  • a motion detector;
  • a connected Arlo Essential camera;
  • an anti-burglary fog device;
  • an external detector with images.

To find out which equipment is best suited to your home, Verisure experts are able to support you on their website or by telephone.