The violent false hope of the Lakers in the Anthony Davis file!

The violent false hope of the Lakers in the Anthony Davis file!

After 12 missed games in a row, Anthony Davis is starting to find the long time in the Lakers infirmary. His return, however, should not take place for a while. One insider was quite pessimistic about it, although his initial tweet gave supporters hope. He actually made a mistake.

While the Lakers manage to make a good start to the year, the franchise must nevertheless deal with the absence ofAnthony Davis. The pain decreases day after day for the interior, but it will still take time before considering a return to the floors. An insider has just given some news about Unibrow this Monday evening.

Anthony Davis will start ramping up his workload this week regarding a comeback, sources tell ESPN. There is optimism that he will return in a few weeks.

Anthony Davis still far from the return

The Angelinos are therefore warned: Davis will not return before the end of January, or even February given the latest news. He will resume some activities at the pool, but the goal is always to spare his foot as much as possible according to Dave McMenamin. It is therefore clear that his return is a long way off… contrary to what the insider’s first tweet said:

Anthony Davis will start increasing his workload for a comeback this week, sources tell ESPN.

You understood, the first tweet made it clear that Davis was very close to his return. It is actually a long way from that. What to sow discord on the side of the supporters:

Am I to understand that he is coming back this week, or is he coming back to training this week?

Poor choice of words

Happy rephrasing Dave! It was very confusing at first.

False hope for Lakers fans. Anthony Davis will not return this week, and it is even possible that he will not return for the month of January. The wait continues for the inside, to the point that a trade seems obligatory in Los Angeles. Hurry up.