The Volkswagen ID.3 SUV will be based on the MEB+ platform

The evolution of the MEB platform promises better autonomy and improved maximum charging power.

Thomas Schäfer, owner of volkswagen, confirmed an investment of 460 million euros for the brand’s main factory in Wolfsburg. This money will be used in particular to prepare the site for the production of electric vehicles. It will accommodate the ID.3. The assembly of the compact will start smoothly in 2023, before running at full speed in 2024.

That’s not all. Thomas Schäfer has formalized the arrival of another electric model in Wolfsburg, the one currently nicknamed ID.3 SUV. It will be the 100% electric equivalent to the Tiguan. Volkswagen indicates that this new model will be complementary with the ID.4 and ID.5.

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The brand has confirmed that this project will be based on the evolution of the MEB platform, which has an official name: MEB+. While Volkswagen has launched the development of an entirely new basis for all of the group’s electric vehicles, the SSP, it has therefore decided to extend the life of the MEB.

It must be said that the SSP seems to be falling behind. And how silly it seemed to put an end to the MEB prematurely, when it was a well-established base… which required heavy investment! Resuming it for this ID.3 SUV should also allow the model to have better prices. Among the developments promised for the MEB+, there are better recharging powers (from 175 to 200 kW) and improved autonomy (up to 700 km).

Volkswagen nevertheless took advantage of the announcement of the day to remind that the Trinity project, a new generation electric sedan with the SSP base, was not forgotten and that it is still planned to produce the vehicle in Wolfsburg. However, the new factory for the Trinity which is to be built is in the hot seat.