the watch that took notes on the Galaxy Watch 5

the watch that took notes on the Galaxy Watch 5

Xiaomi unveils its new connected watch, the Galaxy Watch S2. Very inspired by the outdoor Galaxy Watch 5, it should however integrate a very different experience.

The Xiaomi Watch S2 // Source: Xiaomi

If the Xiaomi 13 looks a lot like the iPhone, the Xiaomi mini PC to Mac minifor its Xiaomi Watch S2, the Chinese giant has rather looked at the side of the Galaxy Watch 5 for his connected watch.

In any case, this is what we can deduce from its design which has just been officially unveiled. The case looks almost exactly like that of the Galaxy Watch 5. The horns are slightly less elongated, the screen seems a little tighter, but for what from the general philosophy, the sleek and very round side of the watch as well as its flat buttons inevitably remind us Samsung. And given the success of the Korean giant’s watch, it’s not surprising.

RTOS versus Wear OS, the match continues

The main difference will certainly be in the interface. Indeed, the Xiaomi Watch S1 was based on an open and simple operating system, RTOS, where the Galaxy Watch is a pioneer of WearOS. The latter allows more uses, such as the installation of third-party applications in shambles, but it often reduces the autonomy of the watches it equips.

Clearly, once past the pace, the Watch S2 should quickly overcome the comparison. If it will probably be limited to preinstalled applications, autonomy should be spread over a minimum of four to five days.

Two models and a body analysis

Two models coexist, one with a 42mm case and the other with a 46mm. Xiaomi promises 7 and 12 days of battery life respectively. There are all kinds of bracelets: silicone, leather, specialized for sports. The main novelty of this model, beyond its design, lies in a body analysis functionality. It theoretically gives you your fat, muscle and other levels in your body. On the face of it, this is the same feature introduced with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4.

The watch is waterproof with ATM certification, it incorporates an NFC chip and its screen can theoretically go up to 600 cd / m² of brightness. The manufacturer did not insist on the screen technology, so we can deduce from these two elements that it will probably be an LCD screen.

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