The Xbox Series X surely won’t be under your Christmas tree, the shortage continues

The Xbox Series X surely won’t be under your Christmas tree, the shortage continues

If you were planning to offer (or be offered) an Xbox Series X / S at Christmas, we have bad news for you: the shortage is still far from over, admits Microsoft. In other words, it will always be very difficult to get your hands on the console for the holiday season. However, the situation should finally improve next year.

Credits: Microsoft

This has been in place for so long that we almost got used to it. Since the launch of Xbox Series X and PS5, the shadow of the shortage hangs over stocks, making it very difficult (and often even impossible) to buy consoles. Unfortunately, after two years of supply difficulties, we are not yet ready to see the end of it. And Microsoft says so.

“It’s simple, since the release of the Xboxes, there hasn’t been a quiet week”, admits Ina Gelbert, director of Xbox for France, interviewed by our colleagues from Challenges. “We still have people on the previous generation who cannot move to the next generation. We don’t have enough at the moment. And it will go on for quite a long time. ยป

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Still no Xbox Series X at Christmas, but the best for 2023

If no details on a possible return of stocks are mentioned by Ina Gelbert, the message could not be clearer: do not expect to buy an Xbox Series X at Christmas. A fairly predictable disappointment, on the one hand the undeniable success of the consolebut also by the deteriorating health situation in China, where many Microsoft factories are located.

Remember last week a wave of panic hit a Chinese factory of Foxconn following the appearance of many cases of COVID-19. In response, the government has reinforced its containment measures, which necessarily impacts the production capacities of manufacturers. And Microsoft is no exception to the rule. For a real return of stocks, it will therefore be necessary to wait until next year.

Source : Challenges