these Apple Wach on sale are to be slipped under the tree

these Apple Wach on sale are to be slipped under the tree

Christmas Eve is fast approaching and you still haven’t finalized your gift list? Don’t panic, thanks to Amazon’s super fast delivery, take advantage of these AppleWatch on sale, and receive them without fail before Christmas!

True jewels of technology, the performance of the Apple Watch no longer needs to be proven as their good reputation precedes them. Practical and functional, they act like real mini smartphones and allow you to have access to all your phonebook, but also to all your applications at your fingertips. Calls, SMS, social networks, nothing is impossible with Apple Watch.

Capable of measuring your heart rate, your sleep, and monitoring your sports performance, they offer a wide range of features that you will no longer be able to do without to make your daily life easier. Fitted with an ultra-bright Retina screen, they provide optimal image quality and will add an incomparable note of style and design to your wrists. Available for delivery before Christmas, crack on one of these Apple Watch on sale on Amazon.

Apple Watch SE white, €249 instead of €269


Apple Watch SE grey, €259 instead of €299


Apple Watch Series 7 green, €479 instead of €529


Apple Watch Series 6 white, €509 instead of €539


Apple Watch Series 6 stainless steel, €629 instead of €779


Apple Watch Series 8 red, €609 instead of €659

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