these fans turn the console into the GamePad of the Wii U

Fans of the Steam Deck, Valve’s latest hybrid console, have managed to turn the machine into a Wii U GamePad. As a result, the Steam Deck now supports gyroscopic controls in the Wii U emulator.

Credits: Valve

The Steam Deck, Valve’s very first hybrid console, has only been available for a few months. After delays in deliveries and the production line, the manufacturer recently announced that the Steam Deck will be delivered in advance. Indeed, Valve has boosted the production of the Steam Deck, and now those who were expecting their console for 2023 should receive it by the end of 2022.

At the same time, Valve continued to add games certified for use with the Steam Deck. Currently, we count 5000 games fully compatible with the console. Of course, Valve’s machine owes its success to its hybrid identity, between console and laptop.

By making it possible to install Windows, the Steam Deck turns out to be excellent in emulation, as proven by a recent video from Youtuber ETA Prime. You can see several successful emulators there, from the Dreamcast, to the Saturn, the PS1, the Xbox or the PS3.

Fans are turning the Steam Deck into the Wii U GamePad

However, the administrators of Steam Deck HQ, a site run by fans of the console, have decided to push the vice a little further. Indeed, the group explains that it succeeded in integrate Wii U GamePad gyro controls on the Steam Deckvia an emulator dedicated to the old Nintendo console.

As seen in a video posted on the Steam Deck HQ Twitter account, gyro controls work great on an emulated version of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. This dual-screen setup perfectly replicates the Wii U experience.

As a reminder, this console, which succeeded the Wii, offered an original controller, namely the GamePad. This tablet, which acted as the main controller, had a touch screen. The goal was to offer asymmetrical gameplay on certain titles. We remember, for example, ZombiU from Ubisoft, in which the player could access his inventory on the GamePad screen while his character remained at the mercy of attacks on the main TV screen (we simply saw the character rummaging through his bag). According to Steam Deck HQ, a full guide to integrating gyro controls will be released soon.

Source : Eurogamer

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