Thierry Henry is sure, Graham Potter will have to manage the Raheem Sterling case!

Beyond that, the London club’s new strongman took out Raheem Sterling in the 84th minute when he had scored the goal that everyone thought was liberating. Arguably one of the best Blues this season, Sterling looked frustrated especially at the final whistle.

Consulting for CBS Sports, Thierry Henry was surprised by this choice. A surprise that today makes a lot of sense with regard to the score.

“We all watched it. I don’t know why he took Sterling out. He scored and you know he might have scored another goal. It will be interesting to see how Graham Potter handles this because Sterling didn’t look happy.

Maybe we’re going a little too fast, getting fired up, but when they showed him on the bench… I really wish he hadn’t taken it out after the goal,” explained the former French international with an analysis that is still very relevant.

A change which in any case did not help the Blues neither at the end of the match, nor on his situation in C1 where he finds himself last in his group. If Sterling is not regularly replaced in the future by Graham Potter, relations should not deteriorate so quickly and for so little…

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