Thierry Henry’s strong statement about Xavi after Barca exit

Thierry Henry’s strong statement about Xavi after Barca exit

Thierry Henry has made raucous statements about his former Barca teammate Xavi.

When he does not intervene on the French Amazon group to analyze Ligue 1, it is in the English media that Thierry Henry expresses himself and gives his opinion on what is happening in the world of football. This Wednesday, for example, he was on the set of Paramount in the United Kingdom to evoke the disaster of Barça in the Champions League.

“With another coach, the volcano would erupt at Barça”

After Inter’s victory against Plzen, Barça found themselves kicked out of the C1 from the group stage and for the second time in a row. This had not happened to him since the period 1997-1999. Henry finds this course disappointing but he supports Xavi.

The former France international believes his former Blaugrana team-mate is doing a very good job and isn’t responsible for anything that happens to his team. “At the end of the day, results always count and that’s what we saw recently in England with the dismissal of Steven Gerrard. But if at this moment Barcelona had another coach in charge then the volcano would erupt. It would be worse than now.” he blurted out.

Henry asks for time for Xavi

Against Bayern, Lewandowski scored a great chance. And we all know it. It’s not his fault. There was Dumfries’ hand, not whistled. There too, it is for nothing. In the league, they are second. But hey, you’re at Barça and you’re the coach and that’s what you’re judged for. And when you’re a coach you never have time. And Barca have bet everything on the Champions League and they need that money.”he added.

Henry is in a good position to talk about the lack of time we give coaches these days. In 2018, he only stayed a few months at the head of AS Monaco before being fired. Since then, he has not really found a position at the highest European level.

With the non-qualification for the knockout phase of the C1, Barcelona’s shortfall would amount to a dozen million euros. A deficit that a triumph in the Europa League, the club’s new objective, will not be enough to fill.