think about RED by SFR fiber (limited promo offer)

think about RED by SFR fiber (limited promo offer)

If you are looking for a fiber offer with or without a TV option, then here is a particularly interesting solution.

In effect, RED by SFR offers you to take out a fiber subscription with a download speed of up to 1 Gb/s, at the incredible price of 19 euros per month only with 1 month free! This offer is non-binding on your part. If you are a customer of another operator, RED by SFR reimburses you for termination costs up to 100 euros.

If your home is eligible for fiber but you are not yet physically connected, a technician will come and carry out the operation and you will not be charged any fees. Relying on the SFR network, you benefit from a quality service that has proven itself. The eligibility test and the subscription to RED by SFR fiber are simply done online.

Fall for the Internet Box offer with fiber at RED by SFR

RED by SFR also gives you the option of whether or not to take advantage of additional services. By default in Wi-Fi 5, you can benefit from Wi-Fi 6 in order to obtain an even higher speed on your connected devices. You also have the possibility of buying the TV decoder at only 29 euros, which gives you access to 35 channels, including those of TNT. For 3 euros per month, you can also take advantage of the RED Plus TV package, bringing the number of channels available to 100. The decoder handles 4K and allows you up to 8 hours of recording. We will appreciate the possibility of enjoying RED TV on your smartphone or graphics tablet. It’s time to take advantage of the fiber offer offered by Red by SFR, at the price of only 19 euros per month.

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