third-party apps stop working, why?

third-party apps stop working, why?

A wind of panic seized users and developers of third-party applications on Twitter last night. The social network’s API, which allows these applications to be used, seems to be down. Many apps are no longer accessible.

At the time these lines are written, Twitter has still not communicated, either publicly or privately with the developers, about this outage. For the time being, it is therefore impossible to use applications such as Twiterrific, Tweetbot, Fenix ​​or Talon on smart phone and computer.

A major outage

Only a few days after a major worrying outage of the social network, it is the developers and users of third-party Twitter applications who are experiencing an unexpected shutdown of their services. In a total misunderstanding, people who use third-party clients like Twiterrific on iOS and macOS, Tweetbot or even Fenix ​​(the iOS version seems to work but not on Android) find themselves faced with error messages when they try to connect . All these applications go through the Twitter API, this software gateway which allows you to connect your home application to the social network bought by Elon Musk. The famous Tweetdeck, which is not an external client, still seems to be working for the moment.

For the moment, neither the official Twitter account, nor its support account, nor even Elon Musk, yet quick to twitter quickly, have communicated on the subject. Some media have tried to find out more internally but, as specified for example The Verge, no communication service for this topic exists. The only possible path for these panicked developers is therefore to wait for any news during the day.

In the meantime, the theories are multiplying

While waiting to define the reasons for the cessation of operation of their application, some managers, as for Fenix, have decided to purely and simply withdraw their client from the application stores. A major setback that sows doubt as to the real reasons for this failure. In the complete absence of communication from the company, many theories began to emerge.

For some, it could be a voluntary shutdown by Twitter of their API. These third-party applications do not bring any money to the company, the latter would not see the usefulness of their existence. The decisions taken by Elon Musk and his teams since the acquisition of the social network, associated with the many desperate attempts of the company to make more money in the crates could lead to such conclusions. Of course, these are just theories from some people. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet. It just remains to hope that a communication will arrive shortly and that the services return to normal.