This affordable portable screen is perfect for working or watching a series

This affordable portable screen is perfect for working or watching a series

Here is an interesting offer for laptop users: the Arzopa 15.6-inch portable screen allows you to increase your display surface even on the move, and it is at a very low price thanks to a coupon of 30 euros.

A laptop has many advantages and obviously lightness and ease of transport are among them. However, when you are limited by the size of your screen, you can be a little cramped, for example to work while watching a video. The Arzopa 15.6 inch portable screen allows you to carry an external screen while limiting its size.

This screen is offered at 179.99 euros on Amazon, and a coupon to check on the page allows you to lower its price by 30 euros. This screen is very practical and benefits from good characteristics to extend your work surface without taking up space.

Amazon lowers the price of this 15-inch portable screen

The Arzopa screen benefits from an IPS LCD panel with Full HD resolution and a size of 15.6 inches, the equivalent of the screen of many laptops. It connects via HDMI or USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 and a single cable is enough. Its back acts as an adjustable stand, so you can orient it exactly like your main screen. USB-C compatibility even allows you to use it with your smartphone, for example to watch a series on the big screen, and with a small console such as Nintendo Switch or Xbox Series S, you can go on vacation with a Full HD screen in your bag. The panel offers wide viewing angles thanks to its IPS technology and it restores 100% of the sRGB space.

Take advantage of the Amazon offer on the Arzopa portable screen

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