this first photo of the brand’s keyboard stings the eyes

this first photo of the brand’s keyboard stings the eyes

A leak reveals the design of the mechanical keyboard prepared by OnePlus in partnership with Keychron. Visually, the accessory is extremely classic, but its chassis incorporates colored LEDs to customize the appearance. The first product photo isn’t very glorious, but it comes with some technical information. The keyboard would be sold in India between 90 and 100 euros.

Credit: Mysmartprice

Two weeks ago, OnePlus formalized a new project to enrich its product ecosystem. This is a mechanical keyboardsuggesting that the brand was going to develop there, a bit like Huawei, Honor or Samsung. Two pieces of information were then revealed about this product. First, it is designed in partnership with one of the leading specialists in this segment, Keychron. Then the commercial release is scheduled for early 2023. Maybe at the same time as the OnePlus 11?

Since then, it has been radio silence. And over the past two weeks, we have obviously tried to imagine how OnePlus could enter this market in an unprecedented way. Would the design be different? Will value-added services be innovative? How to differentiate this keyboard from the many competitors already strongly established, such as Logitech, Razer, Corsair, Steelseries or Roccat? The more time progressed, the more our imaginations became fertile. Till today.

The design of the OnePlus keyboard is very classic

Indeed, the Indian leaker Yogesh Brar and the site mysmartprice revealed some information about the future accessory of OnePlus. And as much to say: we have come down from our little dreamlike cloud. Take a look: the image that accompanies this article is, according to the leaker, a photo of the OnePlus keyboard. This is not a rendering, but a snapshot of the product as it is in reality. Suffice to say that we are slightly disappointed.

The design is pretty standard and it doesn’t really stand out from all the standard input accessories. This blue color would be produced by the color LEDs integrated into the chassis. The leaker, however, provides information that partly explains this ergonomics: this keyboard will integrate the “North” range from OnePlus. And who says “North” also says relatively affordable product. From there to think that it is a low-cost keyboard, there is only one step…

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The leaker accompanies his photo with some technical information. First, the keyboard is compatible macOS and Windows. It’s not specified, but it could certainly work with Android too. And especially with typical environments Samsung DeX Where Motorola Ready For, for instance. It is equipped with USB type-A and type-C ports. And it is compatible Bluetooth 5.2. So you can use it with any machine. The keyboard frame is made of aluminum and plastic. Last detail, the price: the keyboard would be sold in India between 90 and 110 euros approximately. In France, it would be offered much more expensive, of course. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive either.

Source : mysmartprice