This handyman makes a mono-wheel with a Formula 1 rim

If the most passionate people have dreamed of it, a welding station specialist has built a OneWheel around a complete wheel from… Formula 1!

“Imagine a One Wheel with a Formula 1 wheel”. This could be an idea launched in the middle of a discussion between enthusiasts of the OneWheel by Future Motion. Except for the excellent handyman from The Q chain, who made a single wheel board around a complete Formula 1 wheel.

What was just a sweet fantasy in the minds of a few enthusiasts has just become a reality. After acquiring a rare and probably very expensive Formula 1 wheel (rim + tyre), The Q specialist has just developed a machine to make the artist behind it jealous. the Latetedanslecul project.

A unique mono-wheel, and which will remain so

For this, the Youtuber has entirely imagined a chassis in which hides all the electrical and gyroscopic device of an old Segway. After a long manufacturing process which is not as simple as this playful video might suggest, The Q was able to perform its first laps.

However, that does not make it the Formula 1 of monowheels. Despite its red color mimicking the Maranello pistardes, the speed is reduced by the imposing wheel and the position of the rider does not seem to facilitate maneuvers. But it is certainly the most exciting single-wheeler in circulation. Unfortunately, it is not for sale. You will have to turn to the new Onewheel GT for dynamic sensations on one wheel.

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