This iOS 16 feature could destroy your battery

With the arrival a few days ago from iOS 16, users are just starting to give feedback on all the new features present in the update. If the changes made to the lock screen were generally well received, several functions have bugs making use complicated.

In an internal support document, Apple acknowledges that the new keyboard haptic feedback option has a big impact on the phone’s battery life. The Apple brand introduced with iOS 16 a new way to make the phone vibrate with each keystroke, but this feature is more energy-intensive than expected.

Does haptic feedback really drain iPhone battery?

In order to avoid any problem at the end of the day, the best thing is to deactivate this option for the moment. Just go to the iPhone settings, in the “sounds and vibrations” section then in “keyboard feedback” select “none”.

In its support document, Apple does not give details on the level of change in the autonomy of the device with this feature activated. Normally the presence of this feature has a minor impact on iPhone batterybut the fact that Apple is releasing a support document suggests that the problem is more serious than it appears.

A function that can be used even in “energy saving” mode

Last interesting point spotted by our colleagues from 9to5Mac, the keyboard’s haptic feedback functionality remains activated even after the iPhone has gone into “energy saving” mode. This option should remove all power-hungry functionality, but keyboard haptic feedback does not.

If you find that your iPhone is discharging faster than usual since the arrival of iOS 16, nothing prevents you from taking a look in the phone settings to deactivate this option (if it is not already the case). The changes in autonomy may not be obvious, but it will already be a little more to win. – Official App

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