This screen twists in all directions and is stretchy like a rubber band

This screen twists in all directions and is stretchy like a rubber band

(ETX Daily Up) – South Korean manufacturer LG has just unveiled the world’s first flexible and stretchable high-resolution display. It offers unique elasticity characteristics, hinting at many useful applications in fashion or entertainment.

This first prototype presented is 12 inches diagonally and is equipped with a unique technology allowing it to be stretched, twisted and bent at will, without damaging it and without causing the slightest distortion in the image. The film that covers this screen was made from special silicon, usually used in the manufacture of contact lenses. In fact, it is relatively elastic and can be stretched up to 14 inches.

This demonstration absolutely surpasses everything that has been seen so far in terms of foldable or rollable screens, for smartphones or televisions, of which LG is already at the forefront. This screen is also very resistant, both to the stresses to which it is subject and to various shocks. It can thus withstand repetitive shape changes to finally regain its initial appearance, without the slightest pixel suffering.

In terms of uses, no specific application has yet been presented, but LG ensures that this technology can work on the skin as well as on clothing or furniture, in a car or plane. The idea is therefore to be able to surround yourself with screens whatever the medium. In the future, a new generation of wearables could thus see the light of day, grafted directly onto clothing or placed directly on the skin.

Note that this stretchable screen was developed in collaboration with the South Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. This project is still in the development phase and the first concrete applications are not expected before 2024, at best.