This unsuspected mobile plan is at a low price but for a limited time

A low-cost mobile plan that includes a lot of data, anyone? At Auchan Telecom, it is possible to take advantage of a mobile offer with 100 GB of data for a monthly price of less than 13 euros.

If you intend to change your mobile plan this fall season, be aware that the French virtual operator Auchan Telecom invites you to subscribe to a very attractive mobile offer.

Indeed, for a limited time, you have the possibility of benefiting from a mobile plan including an envelope of 100 GB of data which is priced at 12.99 euros per month.

For information, this is a mobile offer that does not require any commitment on your part. Thus, you will have the opportunity to terminate the mobile plan in question at any time.

Fall for the mobile plan signed Auchan Telecom

Thanks to this 100 GB package at 12.99 euros per month signed by Auchan Telecom, you have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France. Beyond 100 GB per month, your throughput is reduced. In Europe and the overseas departments, you have a 12 GB envelope for a trip abroad, for example. You also benefit from the quality of the Bouygues Télécom 4G network to browse the Web.

During the order stage, Auchan Telecom will charge the sum of 10 euros for sending the triple-cut SIM card by post. The operator also gives you the option of keeping your mobile number using the RIO code.

If you want to change your mobile plan, now is the right time. You will be able to find a mobile plan for less than 13 euros per month which has a lot of advantages.

Click here to take advantage of the 100 GB mobile plan at Auchan Telecom

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