This video on the best way to charge an iPhone is doing the rounds on the web

This video on the best way to charge an iPhone is doing the rounds on the web

Reload his smart phone at night is surely one of the most widespread tech habits in the world. However, this method may not be the best for the longevity of a iPhone.

In a video posted on TikTok mid-October, tech blogger Shomes compares the state of several iPhones to demonstrate that leaving your phone on charge all night is not a good idea. Seen more than 1.5 million times, the video has gone viral and caused intense debate on social media, reports 01net.

Favor short refills during the day

In his video, Shomes shows his iPhone 13 Pro Max bought at the end of September 2021, whose battery is still at 100% of its maximum capacity. Ditto for his iPhone 12 Pro, bought a year ago. In contrast, his wife’s iPhone 13, purchased in December 2021, now only shows 93% battery capacity.

He explains this difference by the simple fact that his wife leaves his smartphone charged continuously every night, while he recharges his batteries more briefly and more regularly during the day. The blogger thus recommends avoiding nighttime charges, especially if there is still 40 or 50% battery left, and favoring daytime charges.

Unfortunately, the first option is often the most practical for many smartphone owners, who do not necessarily have the opportunity to perform several “small” recharges during the day. Applewhich did not react to this video, is content on its website to indicate that it is necessary to avoid subjecting the iPhone to extreme temperatures.