Three subsidiaries of the New Digital Africa group become the first tech companies in West Africa to obtain their ISO 27001 certification

Three subsidiaries of the New Digital Africa group become the first tech companies in West Africa to obtain their ISO 27001 certification

With the announcement of several international certifications for three of its subsidiaries, the New Digital Africa group, based in Abidjan, intends to become a reference in the African digital economy. By offering digital services that comply with international standards and local regulations, New Digital Africa confirms its ambition to become the leading pan-African technology group.

New Digital Africa (NDA) has announced that three of its subsidiaries have obtained ISO 27001 certification: Dataconnect, Datacloud and Databridge. This certification makes it possible to guarantee the highest level of security of the infrastructures and services offered to companies by mainly aiming to control the IT risk. Dataconnect and Datacloud have respectively become the first Internet access provider for businesses and the first certified multicloud service provider in the UEMOA and CEMAC zone. As for Databridge, the subsidiary has also obtained PCI DSS certification, which enables it to guarantee the security of critical infrastructures, more specifically those from the financial sector. This dual certification is a first for a DataCenter operator in the WAEMU and CEMAC zones.

The globalization of IT services has made it almost essential to obtain international certifications to give credibility to technology groups. These act as a guarantee of confidence in the market. For an African group like NDA, they allow it to prove that the level of service and security offered is the same as international groups based in Europe or the United States.

As part of its operational excellence program, NDA has established a roadmap aimed at certifying all of its practices, starting with the infrastructure businesses. This fuels the ambition of NDA, which aims to become the leading pan-African technology group within three years. The company plans to extend its activity to ten new French-speaking countries in West and Central Africa.

Ange Diagou, CEO of New Digital Africa, said: “In a context where competition in the digital sector knows no borders, all the major international players are starting to position themselves in Africa. Faced with digital giants, it is necessary to be perceived as a trusted partner whose services meet the best international standards. »

Founded in 2012 in Côte d’Ivoire, the New Digital Africa (NDA) group operates in four main areas of activity: telecom, datacenter, cloud and cybersecurity solutions, and fintech. Since 2012, NDA – formerly NSIA Technologies – has experienced years of growth and restructuring that have allowed it to become an African group with an international dimension. Since NDA’s exit from the pan-African bancassurance group NSIA, the company’s growth has increased by 30%. A strategic choice that has paid off since it has allowed the diversification of the group’s clientele.

NDA currently manages a portfolio of clients from all sectors of activity: industry, health, banking, distribution, government agencies, SMEs, telecoms, etc. For the year 2022, the group forecasts a turnover of 8. 6 billion FCFA and a growth in the workforce which allows it to reach 190 employees.