To give a second life to bicycles, Mood proposes to electrify them

To give a second life to bicycles, Mood proposes to electrify them

They launched into entrepreneurship as soon as they left their mechanical engineering studies at the University of Bordeaux. Pierre Sabron and Octave Coulonnier created mood Vélocyclettes in November 2021 in Bordeaux.

A cozy boutique workshop where they electrify bicycles. “95% of bicycles are electrifiable”, assures Octave Coulonnier.

Combine work and passion for cycling

The idea was born in 2020. They were both alternating in the industry faced, in the context of Covid-19, with social plans.

“We weren’t hired. At the same time, it showed us what economic crises represented in the industry. We took a little distance from our respective projects and we found a common idea. Why not work in connection with our passions: cycling and mechanics? rewinds Pierre Sabron.

“We didn’t look for a business thinking that the business would make us rich. We have seen that this activity existed in other cities in France, but not in Bordeaux. Another motivation: “We both have a big ecological conscience, and we believe that when a bike works well, there is no reason to part with it to switch to an electric bike. »

Good results after one year of activity

Balance sheet? “In one year, we have carried out some great projects on very different bikes: city bikes, tandems, longtails and even tricycles. Often, customers want to get on their bike to go to work and leave the car in the garage,” explains Pierre Sabron.

“The most striking thing is to see how much people love their bikes. And they are very happy with their “new” bike”, adds Octave Coulonnier. It takes between 840 and 1200 euros to electrify your bike with two possibilities: a motor in the wheel or the crankset.