to the nearest 1 euro, which offer to choose?

to the nearest 1 euro, which offer to choose?

A reduced price difference, at least the 1st year

Let’s be specific:

  • By subscribing to an offer SFR Starterthe promotional price of the package is 20 euros all stacks for the duration of the one-year commitment. From the 13th month, the subscription changes to 38 euros in fiberand 33 euros monthly for a connection DSL.
  • With the RED Box, the non-binding package is €18.99/monthwith the 1st month free right now. It’s a fixed rate for ADSL subscribers. As for connected subscribers fibertheir package increases to 28.99€/ month from the second year.

If we consider this price criterion only, the two boxes are in a pocket handkerchief the first year, and rank in a good position among the cheapest internet offers on the market. It is then that RED stands out with a tighter price, and a particularly obvious advantage for ADSL subscribers.

Comparable connections

The fiber speed promise is identical for both operators: up to 500 Mbps, both upload and download. For ADSL, the same! The two boxes announce a maximum of 20 Mb/s in download, and 1 Mb/s in sending. Still no difference for the home wireless connection: the two modems are communicating on Wi-Fi 5.

The incumbent operator has kept a few more service habits, but unfortunately, these are paid options in this offer: €3 more per month to benefit from a wifi repeatervery useful in slightly larger accommodation, and 5€ monthly to receive a 4G boxenough to guarantee Internet access wherever you want.

Differences in telephony and the TV offer

Big surprise of this match: the Box SFR Starter integrates unlimited calls in France to landlines onlywhere its competitor RED includes mobiles ! Unlimited calls also to more than 100 international destinations: the student has surpassed the master.

More logically, it is at the level of the TV and content offer that the gap is widening. The RED Box is an offer dual play, i.e. telephony + Internet only. To pull prices down, the operator’s strategy is not to provide a free decoder. It is currently available at 29€ in promotion for purchase when subscribing, and can be interesting to take full advantage of a smart-TV.

Otherwise, a access certainly free, but restricted to 35 channels, will be done through the app or the website, on all your screens. Count €3 monthly subscription to access a package of 100 channels.

Side SFR Box Starterit’s another story: a 4K HDR decoder is provided free of charge upon request. Guaranteed image and sound quality for a cinematic experience. 160 TV channels and services are included. Clearly, if there are series-philes and other film lovers in the family, this TV package will satisfy everyone.

Conclusion : if you are able to install an app, and only Netflix original series interest you, opt for the RED Box, much more economical over time, and treat yourself to a subscription on your favorite streaming platform. But if there are several of you in your household, and you prefer SMS, video or instant messaging, rather than a phone screwed to your ear, then don’t hesitate: the price difference of the SFR Box Starter will be justified in use. And here is our trick to reduce the bill a little: couple the SFR box subscription with a mobile plan to take advantage of 5 to 8 euros discount.