TOP 5 videos: 3D printing aims for the Moon

For this week, we show you how 3D printing impacts many sectors. First of all, icon explains how the company could make homes specially designed for living on the Moon using 3D printing. Next, we are going to unveil the new car from Lexus, the RX 500h F SPORT. The vehicle incorporates 3D printed parts and was inspired by the artwork “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”. In the field of construction, this time, a video wonders if 3D printed mini houses are the future of the sector. Then find out how additive manufacturing impacts the fashion industry with Sophy Wong. Finally, Slant 3D shows us how to remove the supports on the 3D parts.

TOP 1: 3D printing aims for the Moon: Recently, NASA awarded $57.2 million to ICON to build dwellings specially designed for living on the Moon. After the successful launch of the project rocket Artemis, the reconquest of the Man of space takes a big step. In this video, you will discover how the American company can manage to manufacture houses capable of withstanding the extreme conditions of space.

TOP 2: A 3D printed Lexus: For the release of the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, Lexus, a car brand, unveiled its new model, the RX 500h F SPORT. The vehicle was inspired by the artwork, and incorporates 3D printed parts. Adidas and Carbon collaborated to craft the pieces.

TOP 3: 3D printed mini houses, the future of construction? : In this video, you will discover a kind of mini house printed in 3D by the 3DCP group in Holstebro, Denmark. This was created using COBOD’s 3D printer. Thanks to this construction, we can wonder if this type of housing can become the future of the sector. The CEO of 3DCP, Mikkel, gives us some information about this.

TOP 4: Fashion according to Sophy Wong: Sophy Wong unveils a full dress 3D printed with PLA. In this video, the designer shows us how she makes her accessories and clothes with a unique style and technology. Like what, 3D printing can also impact the world of fashion!

TOP 5: Supports for 3D printing? It’s finish : Supports are an indispensable element for the construction of parts with complex shapes. Slant 3D offers you the means to eliminate support materials from your 3D printed designs.

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