Toulouse. Evacuation of a college occupied by migrants

Migrants, who had to leave the Tourelles nursing home, illegally occupied the Bellefontaine college in Toulouse for a few hours on Saturday September 3. Georges Méric “recalls the need to find a lasting solution to support these migrants”.

The Jules Guesde alleys in Toulouse were occupied by migrants evacuated from the Tourelles nursing home. Illustrative photo. Photo credit: CC BY SA Kuremu Sakura – Wikimedia commons

“Several dozen migrants, settled since August 26 on the Jules Guesde alleys, occupied the buildings of the former Bellefontaine college, this Saturday September 3”, let it be known. the departmental council of Haute-Garonne through a press release.

Following a decision by the Administrative Court of Toulouse rendered on May 6, 2022, migrants were expelled from the former Ehpad des Tourelles, in the Cépière district, on Friday August 26, at the request of the Toulouse municipality. They would be nearly a hundred, including minors, to find themselves on the street, according to associations. Pending an accommodation solution, the migrants settled in tents on the Jules Guesde alleys.

A lasting solution for migrants evacuated to Toulouse

“This illegal occupation follows the evacuation of the Ehpad des Tourelles, last Friday, by the services of the State and at the request of the town hall of Toulouse. After a few hours spent on site, the occupants left the premises. This college, which closed its doors to students in July 2022, still hosts leisure activities for the youth of the district, ”explains the Department of Haute-Garonne.

In a press release, the president of the departmental council Georges Méric “recalls the need to find a lasting solution to the support of these migrants and calls for the full and complete mobilization of the actors in this file, which are the State and the City of Toulouse. “.

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