Towards ever more efficient and durable smartphone batteries

The issue of battery durability is central to the strategy of many manufacturers. This is the case of the Chinese manufacturer Oppowhich was able to carry out internal studies on the wear of the batteries and has developed a technology that can maintain them at more than 80% of their original capacity, even after 1600 charge cycles, i.e. more than 4 years of daily use. The Chinese manufacturer thus prides itself on having, in its latest model, the Reno8 Pro, the longest lasting battery on the market.

Over time, some active lithium ions become inactive or “die” if they are, for example, subjected to a excessive current or to a overload. However, it is the accumulation of these dead lithium ions which gradually leads to a reduction in the capacity of the battery. Based on this observation, based on algorithms, Oppo has developed a solution to prevent this risk of overheating by measuring the battery’s current and voltage in real time.

Thanks to these measures, the smartphone can manage the quality and duration of each recharge itself, for ever greater performance and longevity.

The idea is to avoid having to replace your battery after two or three years or even having to radically change your smartphone. And in the laboratories around the worldresearchers are looking to optimize battery life.

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