Tower of Fantasy – Tower of Fantasy sketches its major update 1.5

The turnover generated by Tower of Fantasy during its first two weeks of operation is estimated at 34 million dollars. To capitalize on its results, Hotta Studio is sketching out a first major update.

On August 11, the developer Hotta Studio launched the international version of Tower of Fantasy and the MMORPGs cross-platform is clearly meeting with some popular success. The analyst TowerSensor estimates the turnover generated by the game during its first two weeks of operation at 34 million dollars – the game would be a great success with North American players (14% of downloads for an average revenue per download of $7) and in Japan with 10.7% of downloads and an average revenue per download of $21.

And as often in online gaming, to retain the first players and capitalize on the initial results, at the end of the first month of operation, it is time to deploy the first major content updates. On September 15, the Hotta studio should therefore deploy Tower of Fantasy update 1.5. The studio is not verbose on its content, but promises new features (particularly related to the housing), again bumps and a new area to explore, in addition to new simulacra to unlock.

While waiting to discover the new features concretely in play, the update is revealed in via a trailer.


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