Treat yourself to the Horizon Forbidden West game and a DualSense PS5 controller for less than 100 euros with this deal valid for 24 hours

Have you finally managed to get your hands on a PS5 Standard or a PS5 Digital Edition despite the stock shortages? Live an extraordinary adventure by getting the second opus of the Horizon saga. Fully immerse yourself in the all-new Horizon: Forbidden West on PS5, thanks to the immersive DualSense controller design. Tactile feedback, adaptive triggers, integrated microphone, headphone output, motion detection… This new generation of Sony controllers benefits from the best technologies of the Japanese manufacturer. Right now, the PS5 Horizon pack: Forbidden West and DualSense White awaits you at only 99.99 euros at Cdiscount, delivery included. Offered as part of the e-tailer’s exclusive 24h Chrono offers, this promotion will only be available until 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

Horizon Forbidden West: Find Aloy in this 2nd part

Horizon: Forbidden West invites you to once again step into a post-apocalyptic and futuristic open world. Threatened by powerful storms and deadly disease, humanity is now reduced to a few scattered tribes. Play again as Aloy, the heroine of the first opus, as the young woman explores the Forbidden West with the aim of finding allies and understanding where the evil that seems to be spreading on Earth comes from. In Horizon: Forbidden West, you will face new and even more impressive machines. Use your weapons, equipment and traps to overcome these fearsome enemies. Thanks to the secret chapter of ancient times, you will finally be able to lift the veil a little more on the mysteries that torment Aloy.

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