TSMC is preparing to burn in 3 nm

Nikkei Asia reports, in a new article published on Wednesday, that TSMC is preparing to melt new processors for Apple. These would be the M3 and A17 chips. If the specialists of the firm at the apple are already suspecting the capacities of these components, some explanations are necessary for the others.

As for the M3, it should be a worthy successor to the current M2. This processor, itself preceded by the M1, is currently integrated in a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro. These computers have just been unveiled, we should not see other machines equipped with the same part for many months. We can therefore estimate the release of the M3 in 2023, perhaps towards the end of the year.

As for the A17 chip, it could use the codes of the A16 Bionic present in iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max just unveiled. These two high-end mobiles feature a 6-core CPU with 2 performance cores and 4 energy-efficient cores and a 5-core GPU with 16-core Neural Engine.

What better ?

Logically, we are therefore entitled to ask ourselves what these new processors will be able to bring to future Apple devices. According Nikkei, better performance first of all, thanks to an engraving with a precision of three nanometers. With this, the power consumption should also be improved. The iPhone 14 Pro are already able to last the day; this therefore potentially only bodes well for the future.

For its part, Apple has of course not commented on the file. The Cupertino company is currently focused on promoting its premium cellphones announced last week, but is not in the habit of venting on rumors about products that are being developed in secret anyway.

Also on tablet

On the occasion of the same article, Nikkei Asia also explains that beyond iPhones and Macs, these are iPad who could also be entitled to engraving in three nanometers. The models in question remain of course to be defined. It is also assumed that an iPad Pro with M2 chip is planned for the end of 2022, perhaps with release in October.

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