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Tunisian grisaille – Maghreb Online

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Tunisian childhood is, it seems, in danger. This is not an assertion by an international NGO, but it is the country’s Minister of the Family who throws the results of an investigation into the pavement by insisting on an alarming situation threatening Tunisia. In itself, behind the bad figures spread over a blackened child population, we can see the significant grayness hanging over the head of a Tunisian society with a seriously handicapped generational succession. The situation lends to believe that we are far from the pride that the education and care of childhood in Tunisia lavished in the past and the account of the current state suggests a dark future.

The causes and effects are numerous. The immense difficulties experienced by Tunisians today are not, however, their sole prerogative, as it is certain that the interminable tentacles of evil and misery currently have a planetary dimension. It is not insignificant that the economic and social situation of Tunisia bears resemblance to that of present-day Lebanon, both of which yesterday still had a status comparable to that of Switzerland.

The serious indentations, caused by successive crises and repeated pandemics in the heart of Tunisian society and everywhere else, are only the effects and the testimony of the peoples’ inability to take charge of themselves. The iron crosses of politicians and politicians are nothing more than childish and ineffective acrobatics subjected to the pressure of the temporal. In fact, the results of the last Tunisian legislative elections can only provoke the sterility of the verb. Democrats or extremists, colored or colorless, will have no prospect of rescuing the country from a shipwreck announced by painful prospects. In a world totally broken down, it is a miracle to create to clear a path. For now, with the assured extinction of its resources, the bet seems impossible to face.

Oran Daily22/12/2022

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